“I wonder if we’ll see my Crystal Ball, today? Last time we tried, it was on loan to another museum,” Mom teases my older brother Jim and I as my father takes curve after curve of the Schuylkill Expressway just fast enough to make my stomach lurch. “Ouch!” Jim howls…

Thirteen Sleepovers and 7,000 Tiny Goodbyes

When you walk along Branford’s Stoney Creek Trolley trail, you come upon an old railroad trestle that carries you over changing, murky-green tidal waters. The towering, rust-red structure, built to support the trains that once thundered along Connecticut’s coast, has swapped its sturdy rails for a narrow footpath of faded…

The urge to March was there in the lead-up to January 21, 2017. It surfaced intermittently — threatening to coax me from a recent, self-induced hibernation from government matters — only to be denied as immediately pressing concerns and a debilitating uneasiness in large crowds diverted my attention.

When the…

Rebecca Ridgway Ayars

I like to explore small movements of grace, courage and faith. Grateful to the arts, I’m inspired by creators and survivors and wild things.

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